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Let us make a deal.

I will tell you a story,

Then you will go to sleep.


Once there lived a boy

in a very dark forest

who had eagle wings.


All the beasts loved him

very much, especially

since he made them laugh.


The village people

would often hear the laughter.

It made them wonder:


How can the beasts laugh?

They would ask one another.

That’s impossible.


We must be dreaming,

they said, but they were afraid.

Let us lock our doors!


The boy knew magic.

He would simply clap his hands

and the trees would dance


He would wing his way

to the far-off golden moon

And return with cheese.


Let us feast on this;

It is a gift from the moon.

It will make us wise.


Then came the hunters

with powerful guns to kill

the beasts of the woods.


I will save you all

with my chanting, said the boy,

and then he began.


These woods are haunted,

spoke the hunters with their guns.

Let us go back home.


Not one beast was lost;

not one gunshot was fired.

The boy had saved them.


Then all was silent

till the owl laughed aloud.

Joy was contagious.


All the beasts loved Boy

who could make them laugh and sing

And be so happy.


So my story ends.

No, there isn’t anymore.

Time for you to sleep.


Dream of laughing beasts,

Boy flapping his eagle wings,

Peaceful green forests.


Salvatore Buttaci