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It's  here at last, the unraveling of the impossible imponderables.  1.  Why are the letters Q and Z missing from the telephone buttons?  It seems that these letters can't make an effective mnemonic when virtually all words starting with Q must be followed by a U.  If the Q had its rightful place on the # 7/8 (where U is located) would , usually have to follow, severely limiting the numbers assignable to the exchange.  Z being the last letter always suffers in alphabetical order, it wasn't practical to start with Zebra, Zinnia, etc. in the days when phones had 2 letters and 5 numbers.  2.  What do mosquitos do during the day, and where do they go: Mosquitos, for the most part, are nocturnal and don't like the light.  They may bite indoors if a house is particularly dark  If humidity is low, mosquitos are generally inactive.  They don't like to fly in hot weather, and don't like the wind.  They don't go far from their breeding grounds and settle in vegetation; grass is a favorite location.  They rest in homes, barns, caves and trees.  Occasionally you might spot one stuck on the wall or ceiling of your home; just swat the little "sucker".   3.  If heat rises, why does ice form on the top of water in lakes and ponds:  It is known that water is most dense at 39.2 degrees.  As water cools, it gets more dense.  It shrinks.  It sinks to the bottom.  But at 39.2 water has reached its maximum density.  It now starts to expand as it gets cooler.  The water between 39.2 and 32 now starts to rise to the surface.  It is lighter; less dense.  Once the surface is frozen over, heat dissipates from the edges and freezing is progressive from the edges; all too complicated.  Just go indoors and keep warm.  When the ice melts you won't have to worry about it until the next winter.  4.  What is the purpose  of the holes near the end of electric plug prongs: they are there to mate with spring-loaded pins found in some of the better wall sockets, to help make a good connection, and to keep the plug from falling out of the socket.   5.  And what you've all been waiting for: Do earlobes serve any particular or discernible function?: sadly, other than signaling a bid at an auction, being ideal for jewelry display, and grade school study of genetics: hanging VS attached, not every organ in our body is essential to our well-being, and not every obsolete feature of our anatomy is eliminated as soon as it becomes unnecessary.  However, our bodies serve in some respect as museums at our evolutionary heritage.  Do with them as you wish; you won't be criticized..